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Storytelling is a tool that can help build understanding, support discussions between members of affected communities and other stakeholders, and aid in the identification of important issues and potential solutions.

The storyboards on this page describe the experiences of people who took TB preventive treatment (TPT). Daud Yamikani of Malawi took a three-month regimen called 3HP after his wife was treated for bone TB. Josephat Asande of Kenya took 3HP when his cousin was staying with him and undergoing treatment for drug-sensitive TB, which protected Josephat’s wife and son from contracting the disease. Ganesh Acharya of India took TPT for 36 months after a roommate developed TB back in 2009 — he would have much preferred the 3HP course available today. All three stories illustrate the importance of proactive outreach to close contacts and relatives of people living with TB, and how communities can support the successful execution of TPT. Short-course TPT regimens are an effective way to prevent TB and keep communities healthy.

These storyboards can be used by community leaders and advocates in conjunction with other materials for TB awareness raising and to strengthen TB diagnosis and treatment literacy among affected communities. You can view our earlier storyboards focusing on people with TB and drug-resistant TB, here.


female nurse or doctor behind a desk, saying "this is how you take is easy and with little side effects" to a man sitting in a chair in front of the desk

Southern Malawai: Daud Yamikani








Nurse giving a man clipboard that reads "TB Diagnostic Results" in the background, another man is lying on a couch, obviously in pain

Nairobi, Kenya: Josephat Asande








Man in a library, obviously studying - a calendar on the desk says its 2010. He's thinking "I am so proud of myself for sticking wtih my TB prevention treatment."

Mumbai, India: Ganesh Acharya




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