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TAG’s TB Activist Toolkits provide fundamental information about tuberculosis (TB) in order to strengthen global advocacy and understanding of the latest innovations, evidence, and guidance around TB and TB/HIV.

These toolkits cover important base knowledge on TB and TB/HIV, as well as strategies to support advocacy across diagnostics, treatments, and prevention for TB. We hope that activists and others will use this information to inform their advocacy and to develop community education materials and sessions on TB.

Toolkits in English

Tuberculosis Basics – updated March 2021
Tuberculosis Diagnostics – updated March 2021
Tuberculosis Prevention – updated August 2019
Tuberculosis Treatment – updated March 2021
Tuberculosis and HIV – updated August 2019

Toolkits in Other Languages – last updated December 2017

Tuberculosis Basics – Spanish
Tuberculosis Basics – Russian

Tuberculosis Diagnostics – Spanish
Tuberculosis Diagnostics – Russian

Tuberculosis Prevention – Spanish
Tuberculosis Prevention – Russian

Tuberculosis Treatment – Spanish
Tuberculosis Treatment – Russian

Tuberculosis and HIV – Spanish
Tuberculosis and HIV – Russian


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